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My stock alt is already 130 amp do I need more? 

More than likely, it's very rare that a stock vehicle's alternator is  large enough  to power more than original accessories.   At least during peak times. 
My lights dim when I play my system at night. Why is this? 
You don't have enough power coming from the alternator to supply everything that is running. Lights seem be the first thing everyone notices, but running low voltage can cause real damage to your vehicle. When you run electronics on low voltage they get hot and that's when they let the smoke out. Once it gets out electronics usually don't work anymore.
I grounded my amps with 0 gauge to the body. 
The body is a great ground, Right? Wrong, many cars and trucks have the body mounted to the frame on rubber pads. They usually have the battery ground running to the engine and a small braided cable running up to the body from the engine or a small second wire coming of the battery terminal. On these vehicles I suggest running another ground to the body, a heavier one. The original one was pretty much meant to run only the lights and head unit. It won't handle amps.
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