High Output Alternators by HO™

High-end audio draws many OEM charging systems to the limit.... massive aftermarket audio systems with megawatt subwoofers and enough amplifier power to shake houses for a mile radius.

Most enthusiasts now are taking audio to the extreme. If loud is good, louder is even better. Some of the audio systems can literally blow the windows out of a vehicle if they're cranked all the way up! At a recent "db racing" event (db stands for decibels), the HO sponsored "winner" recorded a sound level of 180 decibels............... louder than a 747 at takeoff.

How do these extreme audio enthusiasts power their systems? Special high-output alternators are available for such applications, but most are reman units that require modifications before they can be installed.

HO has a better solution: high-output NITRO Series alternators that are 100% new and are engineered to produce maximum amperage at lower rpms. This allows the charging system to keep up with the amplifiers and eliminates battery rundown.

Some of the units in HO's new NITRO Series alternator line can produce up to 300 amps, which is nearly triple the output of some stock units they replace. HO is able to accomplish this by computer analysis of the magnetics and windings for the stator and rotors. The air gap between the stator and rotor has also been minimized to ensure the highest operating efficiency.


To handle the heat, HO high-output alternators have housings that are not plated with any coatings. Stators are wound with Nomex insulation, the same kind of heat shielding used in the NASA space program. Welded connections, which do not require coating with silicone (silicone hold sin heat), prevent corrosion and protect against heat and vibration. Also HO certified high-efficiency diodes are used for maximum durability.

HO high-output alternators also have smaller diameter computer modeled steel pulleys. This allows the unit to spin faster at low rpm and gives the unit a custom appearance. Best of all, these units fit the same as the original. No adapters, brackets or other modifications are needed for installation.



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